Julia Gerhardt
i want to put you in a box
i would tape around the box
i would kick the box
you’d rock and rock in the box
i’d hold the box close to my chest
i’d hear your whisper inside
you do what you think is best,
so i’d ship the box
then i’d ask for it back
you’d grow tired in the box
but you know you cannot rest,
penance, we’d call it
you would laugh        
and i would not,
i’d think about your long limbs in the box
how—if i ever pulled you out—your body
would be tangled in itself
like a befuddled cartoon,
i rest my back to the box
lean on the box        
nod off on the box
you’d get mad at me,
me and the box,
i’ll remind you why you’re in the box,
remember when you assaulted a girl
and you didn’t even know it?
you will go quiet in the box,
lean in the box,
nod off in the box,
and i will be mad by the box,
for ever having been so in love with you.



Julia Gerhardt

Julia Gerhardt is a writer living in Chicago.  She was nominated for the Best Microfiction Anthology 2020 and Best Small Fictions Anthology 2020. She has previously been published in Perhappened Magazine, Comstock Review, Okay Donkey, and others.  Visit her at

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