Five Poems | By Ruth Vinz
Mister Brother | By Michael Cunningham

Issue 13: Promise and Possibility

Contributors in this issue have addressed the subject of possibility, using genre choices and themes or form to explore stimuli that lure their subjects, and perhaps their readers, to follow the sometimes all-but-impossible promise of love, transformation, power and fame, or perhaps a surprising new way of seeing, thinking. Examples of fiction, nonfiction and poetry addressing the subject are highlighted above and followed up by further examples of these genres as well as additional offerings: an interview on Colum McCann’s Apeirogon, a book review on Jhumpa Lahiri’s new novel, Whereabouts, and a review of the recent Burns/Novick documentary on Ernest Hemingway,

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Ava Robinson


James Croal Jackson

Hollyberry bush

SK Smith

Moon Over Fair

Sylvia Foley

Merry Go Round

Alina Stefanescu

Mint Tin

Jason Irwin



Annie Rachele Lanzillotto