Into The Microverse

Anthony Haden-Guest

Not Meta. Better

I tried to express what I feel about you 
in one line.
It took two.

Ed seemed to slip on some dog poop 
Landing smack on his arse
That Ed, what a gas, a performer with class, 
His timing was tiptop, hilarious
Ed entering his Doom Loop, 
That’s what this was.

I’m saddened things ended
So badly between us
But gladdened to find
That you’re not yet quite done
You’ll glimmer awhile like a TikTok Venus, 
Or a snowball heading into the sun

Stamp out subway book reading Public reading we’ll stop
Using whatever means!
Is it over the top
To punch ‘em till they’re bleeding? 
Pix would blossom on screens

Here in New York we’re so happy to talk
You need some help while we’re out on a walk? 
Do take up our time, we’re generous
The wrong street directions? Just leave that to us

Those stick-thin towers now impaling 
The Manhattan sky
Are the most charmless that ever 
Repelled the eye
A sign attached to the top
Is what each seems to need
FUTURE RUIN is how it should read


Anthony Haden-Guest

Anthony Haden-Guest is a poet, journalist, critic and cartoonist who has been published in The New Yorker, Paris Review and Rolling Stone. He has lately been a contributor to Whitehot Magazine.

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Anthony Haden-Guest