Issue 19: Torture

In the year of tortured poets, everything is gonna come up KGB. One needn't be tortured to be a poet (and certainly many people endure the horror of reality without producing so much as a couplet) but poets acquainted with grief do tend to submit to our magazine. So we have Anthony Haden-Guest tortured by New York's changing architecture, Amelia Blair-Smith tortured by insects, Blake Sandberg tortured by the American health care system, Dezy Kosmo is tortured by memories, Jacob Sasfai tortured by a compulsion to consume.

Issue 18: In Movement

This month's contributors are restless. In "The Path of the Wind," Nick Widmer's protagonist walks the Camino de Santiago; a princess goes on a journey in Christopher Hart Chambers' fantastical "Her 3 Empyrean Vassals." Meanwhile, in real life, Blue Jay Walker travels North America in a van. The pieces in Issue 18 share a focus on action, even mundane motions like a plank in a bathtub (à la Maria Prudente) or the dancing of Alexandra Dine. Morgan Roberts gives us a dramatic plunge in a foggy night, while jason b.

Issue 16: Home and Away

INTRO: The best way to enjoy a summer in New York City is to leave as often as possible. The second best way is drinking at KGB.

In Ross Barkan’s “Tad,” our protagonist wanders the United States, trying to escape himself, drawn along by the receding tide of the American century. Jesse Salvo’s pathetic David hopes to transfer to the Indian state of Goa so he can be closer to the casually cruel boss he has fallen in love with. And both Sophie Madeline Dess and Madeline McFarland take us on a trip to Madrid.

Issue 12 Curators of KGB

INTRO: A re-launch featuring current and former curators; intended to stoke inspiration from the past and exhibit commitment to the future of the literary community that's developed within the walls at 85 East 4th Street. It will be organized by genre then chronological order of each contributor’s timeline in programming.