For any other inquiries, write to


Fiction & Poetry

Submissions are always open at our email address: Please do not send more than one submission of any category until you have heard back from us. Simultaneous submissions are welcome.

For fiction, send at maximum one story of 7,000 words or under. We accept novel excerpts and flash fiction.

For poetry, send at maximum six selections in a single document. There is no line limit. 

For all submissions, we request that you do not send it in a PDF format in order that, should we accept the piece, we may easily return the manuscript with comments and track changes.

We apologize in advance for the waiting period. If you do not hear from us within three months of submitting, please query us about the submission status.


Book Reviews

If you would like to review a book, send a pitch to We encourage you to write to us before beginning to draft the review-essay. There is no strict word limit to critical reviews; depending on the title, they can range from under 1,000 words to much longer.

We are also currently looking for regular, masthead-position book reviewers. If you are interested in reviewing for us, please send an email to with "Book Reviewing" in the subject line. In the body of the email, tell us about the type(s) of books you are interested in writing about. At KGB we primarily review new fiction and poetry, as well as recent academic books in the humanities. Please attach to that email 2-3 links to previous publications or, if links are unavailable, a sample of recent critical writing (unpublished writing is perfectly fine).


Other Reviews

On occasion, KGB accepts pitches to review other cultural events such as performances, films, television, musical concerts, and museum or gallery exhibitions. Our readership is international, therefore reviews should be essays amenable to a person who may not have the opportunity to experience the item under review. Typically, such pieces range from 1,000–2,500 words.