Scenes from a Life

Matt Proctor
Room in New York - Edward Hopper

amsterdam crimes 3-19

I got rich off inflation
quantitative easing blackrock
bull market create loads bullshit
alphacomp blatant localism
razorpits in th blood
5 month friendaversary
selena gomez’ mom’s favorite 
movie is gummo   boat names
such as th stugotz   this guy’s
singing opera upstairs  enrico caruso
friendocracy  solstice party
6 month mikeaversary
he thinks my name is mike
th love you live = th love
you give   staying overnight
away in a field sleeping in
central park  how many 
people have you fucked in yr life
mommy & daddy taking you
out for lunch in minnesota 
vikings jersey taylor swift
sitting btwn steven spielberg
& sarah palin at th snl 
40th anniversary episode
still will read annie ernaux
on th plane  I play myself
at all ages of childhood
slammers pogs on concrete front stoop
th trees of woodhill & bike trail
less youth w distance
mangry crab feet
fantasy baseball draft
th afterlife of our youth
in th city   cheat a little
to th right  neocon poetry
vaporizes th humanities
th market specimen eats
god particle in my antarctic
hadron collider accelerator
can’t seem to find my way home
bloodshot in one eye

link wray 4/20

sarah silverman gave bryan fernandez
her joint last night passing in front
of st marks comedy club w/ todd
barry before th other side of comedy
show which I performed on  janeane 
garafalo had passed by earlier as brian
had been stationed out front barking

I became a cost center
nobody wants to talk abt it
I wasn’t earning enough money
people wanted me to leave
my comedy sets are only funny
later privately to myself
like all tragedy plus time
charges have been dropped
one of th olds
in th ffvii sound font

pepper’s ghost 4/23

even after you realize it
gertrude stein is telling owen
wilson  who creates agi
lookin half cyborg already  like data
other forms of deployment   panic window
mall injection pink post-it note
th lightning comes from th ground
mango vodka evolving non-binary
train derailment season popping
chinese spy balloons start
reading my mind copy & paste
into description  write my throat
wages have not gone up inflation
has gone up  th credit industry has
accounted for that leaving it worse
than they found it   my books go back
& forth across continents  minneapolis
is close to venice  which will affect
drinking water & crops in this land
a megaton is a million tons of tnt
vacant mcmansions in th hamptons
we’ve got a show tmrw
th destruction wd be indescribable
4 miles in every direction
25 lbs per sq inch  winds of 200 mph
south st seaport just making conversation
but you got mad  th blossoms were
already down  aidan watson likes
whit stillman damsels in distress
we are animals in a zoo
directed by brian de palma
th consumption ballast of today
zoomers are the smallest generation
    abt 30% smaller than
th millenials  to conquer antarctica
operation hijump thrives on chaos
no parking lots neurodivergent
ancient galaxies like xmas
lights from th beginning of time as we
know it  nearly 40% of tv/film 
actors working in th industry are
privately educated  time is not 
rent so it doesn’t matter if I stay
up til 3am writing this   hi iq
people are messy keeping things
in stacks & th best thinking 
is had at night  itching from croissant
is art compressed information
as prophecies foretold  raining on
th limousine glass  big announcement
to make tmrw  which is tonight
to be young & broke  full of 
megaton vitamins  kingdom hearts

on assignment

yes thanks for asking
throwing water from a sysco
systems bucket into a plant
bed how cd they do this
to me  revenge of th fomo
brooklyn vs. manhattan
poetry wars of 2023
big two hearted river
split in two  what’s in
it for me   stay on target
playing a mental movie
therapy’s just a fad
cabaret intimacy shoot
th piano player
frolicking thru th ramble
rambling thru th roam
a midsummer night’s sex comedy
I think I’m doing it wrong
but can’t stand it when
you correct me  springing
cannister of weightless lightmusik

        smile brevity outload

    gerard malanga’s film notebooks


Matt Proctor

Matt Proctor is a poet and musician. He publishes the magazine Easy Paradise and hosts a weekly open mic night in KGB’s Red Room.

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