Gloria Mindock
I look through the darkness but see nothing.
Blackness lets my imagination erupt—
When a noise is heard,
its power overwhelms me.
Where is it coming from?
Listening could become a habit.
Difficult to break.
I want quiet to surface in
this night air.
Resting my hands on my bed,
rocking myself to sleep…
I nestle within.
If it were left to me,
I would not recognize you.
No matter that you are every place I go.
You can’t follow me forever.
It could be possible for you to notice someone else.
Not at all like me.
Perhaps sooner or later amnesia will take over.
None of this matters.
Your absence would be nice
Back to peaceful days, sleep,
without waking with all these words in my head or
nightmares on a skewer burning…

Gloria Mindock

Gloria Mindock is editor of Cervena Barva Press. She is the author of 6 poetry collections, 3 chapbooks and a children’s book. Her poems have been published and translated into eleven languages. Her recent book Ash, published by Glass Lyre Press in 2021, won the International Impact Award, the NYC Big Book Award and the Firebird Speak Up Talk Radio Award. Ash also has been translated into Serbian by Milutin Djurickovic and published in Belgrade, Serbia this year. Gloria was the Poet Laureate in Somerville, MA in 2017 & 2018. 

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