Her 3 Empyrean Vassals: Wind, Light, Night

Christopher Hart Chambers

Featureless dreamer scared of little bitty faeries
frighted of cute animals with sharp teeth
Nipper! Nabbed by night
still running at dawn
Enough strength to carry on
for a day after ever
the morning before never
The evensong besmirched bird doldrums in flight
startled out of its dulldreaming doldrums
Blue, gold: pale green.

Quiet caravan steals silently forth
into a mysterious night
full in adventure
afoot in the princess's gloaming
her chastity guarded by baubles & three strong men -- not eunuchs mind you -- they have weapons the size of alligators hanging beneath their belts
Astride & Akimbo they ride 'till dawn
Warding off scents of any attackers foolish enough to dare
But mebbe our fine royal gal simply doesn't see their desperation . . .
So in the desperate mists those three sell her short for plunder grog to drink deep with local spices imparted from afar
that's how clever they are;
who really needn't be so desperate at all
pouring syrupy wines from a bottle of discontent discountenance
OH speak it M'Lord - they've they shits! with Little bits. spattered upon her dainty frock
ooh, kiss me Brutus! she squealed alarmingly laryngal

Her sainted virginal naivety. Shall they take her moonlit offerings: How fair, your wings that keep them aloft in the empyrean blaze? Chaste, Foreshortened, bewitched, forsooth, MOONLIGHT. this princess forbidden she carries the light of the moon. princess pet or rival as only she knows or doesn't she know? She - itS . . . Rival . betrayer of her namesake. princess of MOONLIGHT Heir of the Silver light, the golden dawn, the yolk of the egg smitten three vassals come cheap, go far, outdistance all threats, defeat all threats, count for many as none ablaze in MOONLIGHT. storming;  shouting, strutting, dancing - they will Kill they KILL they will pray, cry, plead so humbly to their lady of the night, mistress of temptation at the early eve The sun shall defeat the moon: as she is defenseless soon GODESS of the hunt. In distress at too broad day Astride the night, in Bedouin bivouac aflight  aloft empyrean trails across the darkened sky, invisible to the three mortals seen too clearly by our hostess. She knows. Does she know? or is it the ignorant vassals - shall we say vessels - do they in truth of fact, do they know at all? O was it Diana playing? Making merry with their wares, which is to say their hearts, their divine conviction. Her Convicts follow, they lead, they are humble they are vain loyalty they are truthfully deceitful and they only TRULY LOVE THE MOONLIGHT which she casts aside as it guides the way on her quest to nowhere. And nothing

GRAND PROCESSION LOVELY OCCASION MIGHTY TRIUMPHAL HORNS BLOWING and FAITHFUL SOLDIERS RISING TO FALL the Monarchy reigns supreme to this day of virtue in shameful squalor at the end. yet the Beast comes again to lead her & they out to the dark shadowed only by MOONLIGHT, vassal of the daybreeze lit by the sun's eternal glory and her pie-in-the-face Joker for merryman kind of leisure in retreat from the tired MOONLIGHT at Sea Over land on her quest forevermore

Until dawn came down for tea
and the riders set her free
to pursue her destiny
as a free agent
unclaimed by title; unchained and unbound
fancy free! FOOT GOOSE! Betrayed by margins equal to significance
the 4 & 20 reveled in disgrace
ennobled by the shimmering twilight
at a glance, with the fugues a playin' softly in the zephyr. on strings with wings; a night enchanted- cajoled by the moon
enhanced by a briny scent from the sea not far

inviting, carousing, pleading: "come with me" SAIL to the END without a care in the ship. Its mighty entreaty fostering blisters on her ego, schooled in the ways of men & the GODS to share simple, quiet, divinity lessons. Well learned, She was taught at night in secret parlance from a shifting ghost who came and went with the darkened breeze on a moonlit tundra; in Bedouin tents. Underfoot, beneath the magic camel's sex dripping emerald droplets which formed pearlescent puddles- in the numinous moonlight. Scanty offerings for such GODS as protect a virgin princess on a mandated quest to discover for herself the peasants' plight. Their flight from herself known shewolf. "I AM AS SUCH?" She startled! M'Lady echo the three biceps flickering powerfully, punctuating and accenting the magic MOONLIGHT which held them fast. Rapt and stoic. Mighty stone peerless demigods once more seek out faith & love. but betrayal is at large once more. So sayeth the birds in her looking glass, fluttering just over & a touch behind her left ear, then they vanish in the haze, smoke of musk third semaphore in dark desert night lit only from the disk above their bivouac encampment

first guard duty upon thee
Moghuls despair of pillage:
She turns as the solid air
awakened in fright she abandons her men at their posts
rushing off into the MOONLIGHT barefoot

her young heart pounding with the terrified adventure of it all singing, "Nowhere Quest, know me best" over & under the MOONLIGHT. take me down to the place unknown. take her higher to the place unknown. Take her aft, abroad, leeward, to the southeast. Where devils shine in the MOONLIGHT and dragons dance underfoot.

Chawing roots the three guardians discuss their options at sunrise. Charting courses of possible flight for one so young, so steeped in glamorous innocence and royal palaver. Disquiet, unrest, untold distress. Until unto She turns up blushing her naivety, "Boys, help me men. Is thinemine?" Mired in  mud, sired in flushed heat . BETRAYED FOREVER SHAMED. "Can we ever return?" She blathers demurely to their darkened scowls beneath cowls. Hooded animals, tense, alive, awaiting they know not what yet as yet but they will know yes they will know as they know they will. But she doesn't know as she does know. Kowtow never to no one nowhere her ancestors swore.  But now in those ancient times, abroad, afoot, under MOONLIGHT how can she prevail, even with those three loyals? How can she must! chewing nebula masticated MOONLIGHT. At large on the prairie underfoot underfoot of her GODS. Their LORDS, masters and saints. Until She foreshadows their fate, their possible probable, impossible doom. They will succeed in this ennobled quest. As it shines in glorious silver MOONLIGHT at dawn's arizing of the darkened sun. Ablaze in glorious tantric melodic rhythms of MOONLIGHT

Golden seafrost harbinger at daybreak. The sails promise a grandness. A flight up above the quells. taken to

empyrean height. Majestically above the MOONLIGHT forevermore. They cannot be chastened they must not be chased - Her chastity erased by one of the three forevermore he was the one who won her virginity lost forever more under the moonlight. the sun quakes is it unto oblivion. The GODS await unquestioning for they alone understand: they know of her quest upon which her three come willing to their doom one and all. But, not She. She is naive and everwilling to go out upon sea, sand, forest deep Mountain so tall -- season all bliss amiss under shadow of MOONLIGHT. silver, gold. tan sand reflecting mirage of siesta's basis. until the evensong again lights their own midday and blissfully strides ashore before the others, through the MOONLIGHT charming, enchanted, as in a trance she proceed upon the glistening shoreline. Lightly stepping pebbles nimbly touching millennially smoothened stone - and they follow her, is it faithfully in fear or something else of their fealty? They do proceed under MOONLIGHT entranced askance. Bewitched by her timidness For they cannot do otherwise: they are vassals of THE MOONLIGHT until the conclusion of their days and this quest shall do so It will conclude all conclusion. It will be lost in MOONLIGHT and in days foreshortened nights incarcerated truncation of concatenated evensong. The scents fusing in zephyrs timidly cast ashore by ennobled clouds sinking down from empyrean borealis entombed by her only moonlight. Like Diana she prances. It won't stop here. Because of the quest into her moonlight accompanied by three loyals under HER moonlight. Bewitched and entranced forevermore MOONLIGHT fugue distantly heard, or more felt. As it is known to be crying sharply What fate? And why are we the vassals? Does this princes know at all    


Christopher Hart Chambers

Christopher Hart Chambers was born in Manhattan where he still lives and works, a very long time ago. He quit school and has earned his living as an artist ever since then - scanty at times, but nonetheless, he remains, independently healthy.

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