Four Poems

Jacob Sasfai
Courtesy Ritzyyy


The love of truth shines brighter than the Sun.

Poets, look further on,
Yet heed the signs of your humanity.

Open your arms to those who quake with fear. 
Their love is warm as a golden hearth,
Taking in the wind
And bursting with veracity.

Your life is lived when you make it so,
And should you try the wistful ascent
To greatness,
Look not behind you at those who fall
But seek to hold the ones who come up with you.

Beauty is young, and fair, and light:
A whistling breeze in the gentle night.
And though you be weary, remember your truth 
For all to behold the sight of your glory.


Break Free

Life has a funny way
of taking its time
to show you
the good from the bad,
the in from the out,
and the beautiful from ugly.

Don’t lock yourself up 
just to chase back time 
you never really had 
but you thought 
would be


When You Lifted Me Up

You let me down
When you lifted me up
And made me a better man,
For you won’t ever be with me
And you don’t know how much I cried 
Those tears of joy and tears of pain 
Together every Sunday.
I’d count the days until you’d leave
But still I wish you would’ve stayed 
Right here, wherever here could be,
As long as it was you and me.
But no, it cannot be so:
Yet still my heart won’t let you go.


The Life of a Lowly Consumer

I eat because I’m hungry.
I eat because I’m bored.
I eat because I had no time before.

I eat because I want to.
I eat because I fill right up.
I eat because I haven’t had enough.

I eat because I’m on a date.
I eat because I’m at the game.
I eat because I just got out of the pouring rain.

I eat because I’m worrying.
I eat because I’m in dismay.
I eat because I hate that I still feel this way.

In Russia I eat franks.
In France you make a stew.
In America we finish with some chocolate fondue.

On Thursday soup of barley,
On Friday cherry pie,
On Saturday three Pall Malls and some shots of rye.

I eat because I’m stinky.
I eat because I’m mean.
I eat because I’m just obscene.

I eat because dinner.
I eat because lunch.
I eat because breakfast and brunch.


Jacob Michael Sasfai

Jacob Michael Sasfai is an American artist, writer, and philosopher. He writes works of poetry, political theory, philosophy, and social criticism. 

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