8.01.07: Recapping THE APOCALYPSE READER


On June 2, 2007, the KGB Bar Sunday Night Reading Series hosted the very first reading from the long awaited THE APOCALYPSE READER, an anthology of new and selected short fiction about the end of the world. Edited by Justin Taylor, the book is now available through Thunder's Mouth Press. If you missed this evening, we suggest you check out the fun that was had here at the bar in the photos below and buy a copy of THE APOCALYPSE READER as soon as you can.

We thank readers Tao Lin, Stacey Levine, Jared Hohl, Elliott David, and Jeff Goldberg, all of whom braved the rain (there was rain that night, I believe) for a strong drink and the chance to deliver stories to a bar packed with attractive people eager to hear something new.

Apocalypse readersGet to know them:

Justin Taylor is the editor of The Apocalypse Reader. His story in the book is "Pole Shift," but there's a good chance that at this event he'll be reading on behalf of one of the dead contributors, quite possibly H.P.Lovecraft. His website is http://www.justindtaylor.net/

Tao Lin is the author of the novel Eeeee Eee Eeee, the short story collection Bed, and the poetry collection You Are A Little Bit Happier Than I Am. His blog is Reader of Depressing Books. His story in The Apocalypse Reader is "i am 'i don't know what i am' and you are afraid of me and so am i."

Stacey Levine is the author of My Horse and Other Stories, and Dra--; her novel Frances Johnson was published last year by Clear Cut Press. She also wrote a libretto for a puppet opera about the Quileute tribes of Washington State. Formerly a creative writing instructor, she is now working on another book. Her story in The Apocalypse Reader is "Sweethearts."

Elliott David is a writer and artist; he lives in New York. His story in The Apocalypse Reader is "So We Are Very Concerned."

Jared Hohl was born and raised in southeastern Iowa. He lives in Brooklyn. His story in The Apocalypse Reader, "Fraise, Menthe, et Poivre 1978" is his first published short story.

Jeff Goldberg is a former VP of a Fortune 500 insurance company. He lives in New York City. His story in The Apocalypse Reader, "These Zombies Are Not A Metaphor," is a call for clarity and action in these troubled times.

ABOUT THE BOOK--The Apocalypse Reader collects thirty-four new and selected Doomsday scenarios: an enthralling collection of work by canonical literary figures, contemporary masters, and a few rising stars, all of whom have looked into the future and found it missing. Across boundaries of place and time, these writers celebrate the variety and vitality of the short story asa form by writing their own conclusions to the story of the world. Obliteration has never hurt so good.

Contributors: Grace Aguilar, Steve Aylett, Robert Bradley, Dennis Cooper, Lucy Corin, Elliott David, Matthew Derby, Carol Emshwiller, Brian Evenson, Neil Gaiman, Jeff Goldberg, Theodora Goss, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Jared Hohl, Shelley Jackson, Ursula K. Le Guin, Stacey Levine, Tao Lin, Kelly Link, H.P. Lovecraft, Gary Lutz, Rick Moody, Michael Moorcock, Adam Nemett, Josip Novakovich, Joyce Carol Oates, Colette Phair, Edgar Allan Poe, Terese Svoboda, Justin Taylor, Lynne Tillman, Deb Olin, Unferth, H.G. Wells, Allison Whittenberg, and Diane Williams.

Apocalypse Reader audience

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