Tod Crouch

Tod Crouch is author of the novels The Night Watchman, Common People, Romanticide, Victors, Cutting Teeth and The Anna Log Children's Series. He received a Bachelor's Degree from Columbia College for Photography in 2001 after directing and writing two theatrical productions, Undying Loyalty and Of course: a Series of One Acts. before finishing five other plays. He Co-Curates at Papa B's Studio in Brooklyn and occasionally volunteers for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. He makes most of his money as a bouncer in a lesbian bar. Tod tends to be a cheery lad. If you were to be Tod's friend, he would want you to know that he'll talk to anyone about anything anytime, but will probably forget your name and hates answering phones. The book he wish he wrote is Herman Hesse's “The Glass Bead Game”. His favorite word is “surprise”. His least favorite word is “but”. He wants to be remembered as “a neat guy to meet.” His six word epitaph is “He had an amazing run, thankfully.” He is from Illinois and has lived in New York for five years.