Issue 19: Torture

Carrigan Lewis Miller

In the year of tortured poets, everything is gonna come up KGB. One needn't be tortured to be a poet (and certainly many people endure the horror of reality without producing so much as a couplet) but poets acquainted with grief do tend to submit to our magazine. So we have Anthony Haden-Guest tortured by New York's changing architecture, Amelia Blair-Smith tortured by insects, Blake Sandberg tortured by the American health care system, Dezy Kosmo is tortured by memories, Jacob Sasfai tortured by a compulsion to consume. John Pietaro pays tribute to Vladimir Mayakovsky, a tortured poet par excellence. As palate cleansers, we have short stories from Vanessa Ogle and Will Bredderman, who use prose to effect an emotional remove from torture, whether the torture of a mob boss or one's own feet.

Dezy Kosmo – Loyal Royal

Amelia Blair-Smith – Bug Killing Season

John Pietaro – Four Poems

Blake Sandberg – Four Poems

Will Bredderman – Big Angelo's Place

Jacob Sasfai – Four Poems

Vanessa Ogle – Feet First

Anthony Haden-Guest – Into The Microverse


Carrigan Lewis Miller

Carrigan Miller is a writer and critic living in Manhattan. He is the editor of KGB Bar Lit and tends bar in the Red Room.

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