Issue 18: In Movement

Carrigan Lewis Miller

This month's contributors are restless. In "The Path of the Wind," Nick Widmer's protagonist walks the Camino de Santiago; a princess goes on a journey in Christopher Hart Chambers' fantastical "Her 3 Empyrean Vassals." Meanwhile, in real life, Blue Jay Walker travels North America in a van. The pieces in Issue 18 share a focus on action, even mundane motions like a plank in a bathtub (à la Maria Prudente) or the dancing of Alexandra Dine. Morgan Roberts gives us a dramatic plunge in a foggy night, while jason b. crawford asks us to consider the dual meanings of "hoeing." There is thwarted movement, too, as in "Happy Water Pt. 1 and 2," a duet poem by Olena Boryshpolets and Aodhán Ridenour that hums with frustration as two lovers sit at a dinner table, considering Russia's war in Ukraine. 

jason b. crawford – Three Poems

Nick Widmer – The Path of the Wind

Alexandra Dine – Four Poems

Blue Jay Walker – Letter from Washington Square Park

Morgan Roberts – Sonder

Maria Prudente – Ode to My Burning Bath

Olena Boryshpolets and Aodhán Ridenour – Happy Water Pt. 1 and 2

Christopher Hart Chambers – Her 3 Empyrean Vassals: Wind, Light, Night


Carrigan Lewis Miller

Carrigan Miller is a writer and critic living in Manhattan. He is the editor of KGB Bar Lit and tends bar in the Red Room.

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