Will Bredderman is a writer and journalist in Brooklyn— not the most original bio, but it’s his. His reporting appears in The Daily Beast, and his fiction appears any place with excellent taste.

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Will Lasky has spent a great deal of time in the former Soviet Union on various jobs ranging from bumbling shepherd of American students to human rights advocate to journalist. Lately, he lives in Brooklyn where he writes in his free moments. Currently, he's working on a draft of a young adult novel.

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William Electric Black, aka Ian Ellis James, is a seven-time Emmy Award winning writer for his work on "Sesame Street" between 1992 and 2002. He also wrote for Nickelodeon's "Allegra’s Window" and Lancit Media’s "Backyard Safari." His children’s television show - “Rap-U-Cation” was just optioned by FarView Entertainment.

Presently, he is head writer...

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Yiorgos Kakouris is in hot pursuit of a Journalism degree in NYU. It feels as if he's already paid five times for it already. He would be a practicing magician (all the cool kids do it) except for the fact it's too much work. Besides, he doesn't want weird things to go bump in the night while he's trying.

Youssef Rakha is an Egyptian novelist and journalist. His first two novels were The Book of the Sultan's Seal (2011) and The Crocodiles (2013), both published in English in 2014 (by Interlink Books and Seven Stories Press in America). Paul Starkey’s English translation of The Book of Sultan’s Seal was awarded the Saif Ghobash Banipal Prize for...

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imageYutaka Dirks is a writer who divides his time between New York and Toronto, Canada. His fiction and essays have appeared in magazines and journals including The Sun Magazine, THIS Magazine, Over My Dead Body, and Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. He can be found at: and @yutakadirks

imageZachary Tyler Vickers has appeared in The Emerson Review, H-NGM-N Journal, mud luscious, The Idiom Magazine, as well as elsewhere. He is an Iowa Writers' Workshop fellow and an SLS fellow. He has completed his first collection of stories entitled, "Disfigured Paper Animals," and is currently working on another collection and a novel.

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