Between the Sky & Earth, We Find More People, More Space

Nicodemus Nicoludis

So, I sing -gon (γωνία) —


Bend to life like           the shallow spring I played in

& got high next to

 in the summers watching carefully

for watersnakes

& kingfishers


So, I sing -gon (γωνία) —


Angle my body,                       like a corner into you

forgetting that the hope of sleep

brings just another

boring tomorrow


So, I sing -gon (γόνος) —


Follow my mother

& hers back to a city,

the landscape of steel                the bridges

& lives forever ended

or covered by the progress

I sit in today

on this computer typing


So, I sing -gon (γόνος) —


Meditate on the coil of manhood          twisted from my father

& his    passed down like a      wreath or

crown of

blood & silence

a mantle of unknowing

            born through this name this skin

these questions of the distance

 between living

& going on