Issue 15. December Holiday Medley

Pat Zumhagen


Blizzard by Hadley Franklin

The Best We Can At the Time by Terena Elizabeth Bell

Palindrome by Leah Erickson

Maxwell Street Follies by John Bughouse Johnson

Duty to Cooperate by Kunal Mehra

Plouc de Paris 23 by James Graham


Underneath by Patricia Smith

Poetry Holiday Grab Bag NYC by Tom Pennacchini, Francesca Marais and Mary Durocher

Seaside Salmagundi by Jeffrey Alfier, George Franklin, and Richard Leis

A Poetry Potpourri by Tim Resau and Scott Ranzoni

A Mélange of Poems by Paul Ilechko

Spook by Stella Wong


In The Eye of the Wild By Nastassja Martin - Review by Katarzyna “Kasia” Bartoszynska

Crossroads by Jonathan Franzen - Review by Pat Zumhagen


The Editor Interviews Artist, Karen Green by Pat Zumhagen


In the Very Air We Breathed by Randi Dickson with Maritza Farkas Shelley

Not Giving Up on Julian Assange by JG


Pat Zumhagen

Pat Zumhagen is the editor of the KGB Literary Journal and was a professor of English and English Education at Columbia University Teachers College for many years. She is now spendinher retirement perfecting her work as a photographer. She lives in New York City and Dennisport, Massachusetts.

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