Issue 14: Masking

Pat Zumhagen


Thoughts on Masking by Ruth Vinz

Three Poems by Ace Boggess

Atmospheric Perspective by Richard Helmling



Belly by Andi Grene

Little Dalmatia by Madeline Cash

Blight by Jeb Burt

Gravity by Nicholas Rombes

For Love of Stalin by Frederick Frankenberg



A Ghost in the Throat by Doireann Ni Ghriofa by Katarzyna Bartoszyńska

The Chair by Pat Zumhagen



Me and Bobby Kennedy by Steve Slavin

Rose D by Steve Slavin



Six Poems by Tobi Alfier

Three Poems by John Grey

Four Poems by Lisa Simmons

One Poem by Mary Jane White

Six Poems by Jared Beloff

Six Poems by Bernadette Bowen


Pat Zumhagen

Pat Zumhagen is the editor of the KGB Literary Journal and was a professor of English and English Education at Columbia University Teachers College for many years. She is now spendinher retirement perfecting her work as a photographer. She lives in New York City and Dennisport, Massachusetts.

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