Issue 08: Music & Transformation

By Ian King, guest editor

Writing about music is not, as the overused quote of undetermined origin goes, like “dancing about architecture.” It is, however, like writing about a different kind of language. This language exists parallel to, but just outside of, whatever other language(s) you speak, and can shape your identity just as much if you let it. In Issue 08 five writers explore different ways in which music and the things we build around it can inform and transform us.

 Table of Contents

"Etude #31" (excerpt, A Reading from the Book of Kelst), by Tobias Carroll

On Soft Rock, by Rob Roensch

At the Gates of Hell: Montreal, April 3, 2009, by J.B. Staniforth

A Slow Train Bound for Glory, by Scott D. Elingburg

Hard Tyme: A Hair Metal Haiku Story, by Ian King