yr Polis A | Transcripts

yr Polis A | Transcripts

by Steven Alvarez

yr Polis A | census reports exclusive


it has to do w. the men
women & children of Polis
B who harvest their data in
polis of ours the best polis
on earth
is | hell | are the forgotten
under the undertow the
we Polis A present this
of thanksgiving bc
| work | not for the labor
of the denizens you are
going to meet
we might not start
but yr media wd not be
laden w. the luxuries that
you have all come to
regard as central . . .
we shd approve to meet
some of yr fellow citizens of
Polis A who have this before
or the best polis on earth
this is an old love solid
on the exodus of Polis B has
its beginning every year


yr Polis B | rev to axle


displaced Polis B bodies | climate
refugees | smashed against The | Wall |
of exception | bc Polis A is a state
of exception | 400,000 Polis B bodies
living in the dry corridor | desert
dungeons six centuries in the making |
no hubo lluvia | there is no rain |
even that has been privatized |
they carry soylent tortillas | small
vials of mescal | & yes brazos for harvesting


dear Polis B | you were | there | see you | still | still? | kiss yr wall | & leave | leave!


thursday praxis veers rev to axle | rev
to axle | for yr Polis B abode | dusted
adobe swallowed by The | Wall | rising
clouds of dust | wind | the displaced
& pillaged | listen up denizens | farewell
to yr polis | is this | dust | is yr warfare |
not bound by The | Wall | walls here
were wire | before the wars for water | now
the unification of the market blankets
praxis | & the climate has spoken
for the elimination of surplus
Polis B bodies | no scarcity
or precarity in Polis B | denizens | yr
book of prophecy now clouded w. huesos |
& this “beautiful” wall | makes bitter
enemies |


no | you don’t | never saw |
never | sizzle | gasp | popping
wind in Polis B | dust in eyes |
dust not privatized | that dance
to The | Wall | limned pace | you | there
touching The | Wall | hot steel | ravens
above | tangling | now diving |
to be one of those winged bodies |
in Polis B | focalizing the apparatus |
automatic | yr Polis A automatic |
The | Wall | surveilled | drones
400,000 displaced bodies in Polis B |
thirsty | slice the saguaro | & a weapon
will appear | Polis B | a target | sizzle
lifeless Polis B bodies stacked | in trailers |
violated bodies | spectacle |
twisted | as the infrastructure of demands
for precarity | lifeless Polis B bodies |
desiccated lips | eyes | crosses to commemorate
the dead | this logic
calls for expendable Polis B bodies | B
is for bodies | burned
for bitgold | brazos to harvest
the data of Polis A | & to stimulate
warfare | for growth | Polis A
spends more on hypersonic weapons
& autonomous systems than . . . than?  |
to enforce Polis A’s | in Polis B the seeds
planted | but the rain never arrived |
prayers unheard | much greater occurrence
of dry seasons
| scrambling of seasons |
only paper roses | listen | on this planet
the wet gets wetter | the dry gets drier |
the rich | richer | the poor | poorer |
Polis A | activity | octopus cloud |
anthropocene | & regimes of surveillance |
razor wire walls | guns | incarceration camps |
marched into advanced precarity | in Polis A


Polis B bodies | endure | thirst &
broken families | to break Polis B |
Polis A border drones | programmed
to fire | at any bodies that move |
then dissolve the bodies in acid |
technique learned from Polis B transnational crime
syndicates from earlier in the century | Polis A
unleashing its wrath | growing number
of displaced bodies | Polis B | uprooted |
desperate |


denizens | you see you | still?  | & intensifying droughts | rising seas | mega storms |
snapping vertebrae |


see | from this vantage over The | Wall
of Polis A | cages of rocks | strange illusion |
grimed walls | booming market for walls |
age of walls | age of asymmetric warfare |
w. border walls replacing
intercontinental ballistic missiles


 | Polis A | x05x


yr Polis A citizens | Polis B denizens


they settled
five days of the final status
slept right there in front of .r…s.a..t | sun seven fifteen if that pink
it’s not abt making yr polis | this |   
& report not included
& out of the no-fly list |
citizens of Polis A . . .
scene not away their obsidian wafers
stuff like that
trying to do what you are not allowed | to come
firing off yr lifestyle | stealing yr data
| ha Polis B | denizens |
no denying | hell yes there’s denying
for you are Polis A citizens of yr Polis A championship
issued from former democratic fight hackers yr precious Polis A children
before you think you have to have a v. appealing . . .
situated dehumans who harvest data for the best friend people in the world is
our Polis A so you will build a goddamned datawall | tremendous

Steven Alvarez is the author of The Codex Mojaodicus, winner of the 2016 Fence Modern Poets Prize. He has also authored the novels in verse The Pocho Codex (2011) and The Xicano Genome (2013), both published by Editorial Paroxismo, and the chapbooks, Tonalamatl, El Segundo's Dream Notes (2017, Letter [r] Press), Un/documented, Kentucky (2016, winner of the Rusty Toque Chapbook Prize), and Six Poems from the Codex Mojaodicus (2014, winner of the Seven Kitchens Press Rane Arroyo Poetry Prize). His work has appeared in the Best Experimental Writing (BAX), Berkeley Poetry Review, Fence, Huizache, The Offing, and Waxwing. Follow Steven on Instagram @stevenpaulalvarez and Twitter @chastitellez.