We were like two roots in soil...

We were like two roots in soil…

By Al-Khansā (translated by Adel Dadan)

We were like two roots in soil                                    suspended blessings that would grow
on trees.

Even when told their veins do grow                        and dates aplenty, vacant is our fruit.

Spoiled was a root with the jealousy of time                what is it that keeps time from

Al-Khansā (d. 646) was born in pre-Islamic Arabia. She wrote elegaic poems, as was customary for women of the period. She later converted to Islam.

Adel Osta Dadan is an MFA candidate in translation studies and an international resident at Vermont College of Fine Arts. His poetry has been published in Caesura (Tel Aviv University). His upbringing in Israel and Houston, Texas has greatly affected his writing, which examines a great contrast in identities.